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Nobody wants to say dumb things. But we all do. The first step towards reducing the number of dumb things you say is to know what the dumb things are. Based on thirty years of research with millions and millions of conversations, this book contains the secrets of overcoming the most common blunders

7 Dumb Things We All Say is quick and enjoyable reading. Action strategies are clearly outlined and provide a road map to success. If you are serious about communicating well—and like a spot of humor along the way—then this is the book for you.

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“I spent most of my life working with educators and political leaders. Both need to learn from Greg Alcorn how to “listen to people” and how to talk ‘with them’—not just ‘at them.’ Thank goodness Greg is a strong leader for the public schools in North Carolina and is helping all of our children get a Smart Start.”

Jim Hunt, former Governor of North Carolina

“In today’s ‘it’s all about me world,’ this powerful little book provides practical suggestions for improving communications and increasing your effectiveness.”

Dan Bross, Senior Director, Business and Corporate Responsibility, Microsoft (retired)

“Simple. Wise. Funny. Smart advice we should all take to heart.”

Sharon Rich, author of Your Hidden Game

“A good little book with some very good advice!”

Hugh McColl, Chairman and CEO, Bank of America (retired)

“Words matter: as a meeting design strategist, I know first-hand how important conversations are to both organizational and individual success. Greg Alcorn has compiled an entertaining set of stories and turned them into clear principles for listening and speaking that will help you be more effective and build better relationships both at home and at work. I am particularly impressed with the way he shares lessons learned from a lifetime of conversations, offering tangible advice that is easy to understand and highly satisfying to put into practice.”

James Ware, PhD, author of Making Meetings Matter

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Meet Greg Alcorn

Greg Alcorn is the CEO of Global Contact Services (GCS). GCS, which Alcorn founded in 2001, has served retail, insurance, financial, and government clients for more than 15 years. It provides clients with outsourced staffing and management, consulting and training of contact centers.

A visionary and the consummate entrepreneur, Greg owned and operated several other high-performing businesses in the insurance and direct marketing industries prior to founding GCS. As the former President of one of the country’s largest teleservices companies, he was instrumental in establishing key client relationships that resulted in the growth of that organization from two to 2,000 associates over a 10-year period.

Greg has lived in Salisbury, North Carolina since he was eight years old. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Catawba before earning his MBA from UNC Charlotte.

Greg lives a life of service:

  • He and wife, Missie, are the founders of ApSeed™, a 501(c) pilot program that provides at risk children with tablets to help them become kindergarten-ready.
  • Served on the Catawba College Board of Trustees, Catawba’s Chiefs Club board, its Green Revolving Fund committee, and a presidential search committee.
  • Received the Catawba College Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2010, the Church-College Award in 2015, and the Shuford Award in 2016.
  • Currently serves on the United Church Homes and Services, Families First, the First UCC Foundation, and Waterworks Visual Arts Center.
  • Is active with The First Tee of Salisbury, Boy Scouts, and his church, First United Church of Christ in Salisbury. He is a member of the World Presidents’ Organization.

Greg and Missie have been married for twenty-five years and are parents of wonderful adult children, Clark and Eleanor. On a personal note, Greg is a lifelong learner and is ready to learn the drums, much to the dismay of Missie.

Valuable Lessons in Communication Learned From World-class Listening

America’s Communication Coach | CEO of Global Contact Services | Author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say

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